We deliver High Impact Engagement to real humans

amplifying your brand recall

Real Audience

Real Audience

Our proprietary patent pending Natural Language Processing (NLP) Technology ensures that your ad budgets are not wasted on bots. The formidable layer of our technology acts as gatekeeper against the non-human traffic and ensures that your money is spent only on real humans.

Real Engagement

User attention devoted to brand through impactful and meaningful engagements. Depending upon the objective of a campaign, customized engagements are built which help in delivering brand message to the target audience with utmost clarity. Your target audience engages with the brand in such a way that the brand message is inculcated in their minds.

High Impact Video Pre-rolls

Our innovative Video pre-rolls not only display video but also offer high impact end user-driven engagement providing a complete micro-site experience with in the video player. Touch enabled brand engagement along with the video offers much more than the traditional pre rolls.

Completely Responsive

Be it web on desktop, WAP or Mobile app, our platform delivers these engagements seamlessly across all these devices. No matter where your online audience is, we target them everywhere.

Real Audience

Right Targeting

No matter how niche your target audience is, our contextual and demographic targeting solutions take care of it. We deliver engagements only to the relevant audience.




Our Clients

Real User  +  Right Targeting  +  Real Engagement  =  ENHANCED BRAND RECALL